Monday, October 03, 2011

Dr Who

So, for us Australian Dr Who fans, the episode 'Closing Time' aired yesterday. Presumably our UK counterparts have already seen the end of the series, but I wouldn't want to spoil it by reading what they have to say.

The big question is, what did The Doctor and Amy see when they looked into 'their' rooms in the hotel/maze of the Minotaur?

The even bigger question is, what was it that The Doctor believed in and presumably ceased to believe in by the end of last week's episode. With Amy, it was belief in her lifelong hero, The Doctor, that was apparently quelled by his admission of failure. Could he simultaneously have lost faith in himself? Is that why he left Amy and Rory: because he no longer believed in his ability to keep them alive?

The Doctor may have been wakened by the loss of their belief in him. However, surely Amy will realise that in sacrificing that belief he was simply doing what was necessary in order to save them. When that realisation dawns, her faith will no doubt be restored. Can she convince him once more to believe in himself, before it's too late: before he must face whatever danger the final episode should hold?

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