Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gloomy day

I like the storm we're having now. The wind and lightning and rain are exhilarating and make me feel alive and want to do something dangerous. 

Earlier though, the whether was just dark and grey and there wasn't enough light. Then I felt sad. I thought about it and realised I had no good reason to, but that wasn't enough to snap me out of it. The storm did that. 

Perhaps its only when there is nobody else there that the whether can have such a profound effect on how I feel. Maybe for people who are along all the time, this is the way life always is, with long months of winter spent moping about feeling sorry for one's self and lacking motivation. I hope people don't have to spend their lives at the mercy of the weather in that way. That would be a pity. 

I think every one of us is responsible for loneliness. Sure, everyone is entitled to their privacy and can be along if they like to. However, there are plenty of people who would rather not be and when you don't feel very confident or outgoing, that can be a real problem. What is needed is someone who is able to take the first step and communicate. That can make a real difference. Confidence can be nurtured. 

Of course the lonely don't have to be dependent on the confident. Not for long, anyway. That would be a worrying state of affairs. The point is that by starting to communicate we overcome barriers and humanise people. The action can be emulated by its recipient as they gain confidence. This would be a cultural change. Perhaps it is one that her already taken place in some communities. Not enough though. It needs help. 


  1. There are thousands of people out there who feel sad in dark weather because there is not enough light on their pituitary glands. Sadness or depression is n't just a feeling. It can be physiological. Have you read articles on serotonin and considered ssri medication. It's not just pill popping, it can give you a more productive life. Think of the people in scandinavia who have 6 months of twilight

  2. this is a good subject for debate. Psychologists who "talk" to people and use a lot of jargon vs biochemical science and brain chemistry